June 2024 - Oundle & Stamford

Month: June 2024

Pet owners – check your home insurance

Do you have pets? If so, is your home sufficiently insured against potential damage? It’s not just pet insurance you need to think about, as a survey has highlighted a common misconception that destruction caused by pets will always be covered by home insurance1. In reality, it depends on the details of your specific policy

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Buyers are settling for less space

Demand for smaller homes has increased, indicating that the high cost of borrowing has prompted many homeowners to readjust their expectations. Annual property price growth hit 1.9% in February1 – a significant improvement on -4.1% which was recorded last October. Smaller properties were a key driver of this uptick, with annual growth for flats and

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Check critical illness cover meets your needs

With medic advances constantly evolving, it is important to review your critical illness cover to ensure it still meets the needs of you and your family. Which illnesses are covered? Insurers often revise the illnesses that are covered to reflect medical advances, so make sure you know your policy.  For example, insurers will specify which

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