June 2023 - Oundle & Stamford

Month: June 2023

Don’t underestimate ‘rebuilding’ costs

Roughly nine in ten homes have underestimated the amount of cover they need to account for ‘rebuilding’ costs on their property insurance, estimates show1. This is largely because costs have shot up by 18% in a year, resulting in the average three-bed semi-detached home now costing £53,000 more to rebuild than it would have in

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FTB’s join forces for a mortgage

The stereotypical picture of applicants for a joint mortgage is a married couple or civil partnership bringing together their finances and committing their future to one another. Increasingly, however, a new type of buyer is resorting to joint mortgages: first-time buyers (FTBs) struggling to get a foot on the ladder. Teamwork A joint mortgage is

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