October 2023 - Oundle & Stamford

Month: October 2023

Life cover and your mortgage – hand in hand

One of the financial responsibilities of homeownership is to protect yourself and your family. Life insurance and your mortgage are inseparable companions. Life insurance provides a safety net. A payout can pay off the remaining mortgage balance, ensuring that your loved ones can stay in their home without the burden of mortgage payments Knowing that

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Home insurance against accidents

Accidental damage and escape of water are the most common home insurance claims1.   While we often think of threats like theft or fire, this research reveals that more home insurance claims result from clumsiness than malice. Of 76,518 claims made last year, accidental loss or damage at home, which can include everything from staining

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Siblings helping with FTB deposits

Family support has long been a crucial means for many first-time buyers (FTBs) to get a foot on the property ladder. In challenging economic conditions, research1 has revealed that the traditional Bank of Mum and Dad (BOMAD) is being supplemented by a growing number of sibling supporters. Family affair While most discussion around FTBs invariably

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How is your protection holding up?

It’s never been more important to check your life insurance, critical illness, and income protection policies to make sure you have sufficient cover. This is because soaring inflation has eroded values and as a result any payouts made in the event of serious illness or death might not stretch far enough to cover some major

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