January 2024 - Oundle & Stamford

Month: January 2024

Overpaying Your Mortgage – a Good Idea?

Considering extra mortgage payments? Given the current landscape, the question is– is it more prudent to overpay your mortgage or bolster your savings? The crux of the decision hinges on your existing mortgage rate. If your mortgage rate is comparable to or exceeds your savings rate, it might be a strategic move to allocate any

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Long-Term Health and Income Protection

What steps would you take if your health meant you were no longer able to work? For people with an income protection policy in place, it would likely be to focus on their health. Those without income protection might end up thinking about money a lot more than they want to. Long-term illness Research shows

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Here for you in 2024 – come what may

As research1 reveals that 45% of UK adults are losing sleep over money, we’re here to remind you of the value of professional advice. Counting cost-of-living sheep The squeeze on people’s finances caused by the cost-of-living crisis is understandably a key reason why people are struggling to get enough shut-eye. If you’re awake with worry,

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